Mountain Biking

Durango’s Mid-Country trails offer routes to beautiful mountain vistas and colorful wildflower fields that are only a short drive outside of town.

Mid-Country lies north of Durango towards Hermosa and features more technical trails with views of the areas red cliffs and mesas.

They offer a variety of difficulties and are great for those looking for a less-trafficked adventure without the time commitment of a long trailhead commute.

What to Know About the Mid-Country Trail Network

If you're looking to explore the Mid-Country mountain biking trails, here's what you should know:

The Area

Mid-Country is the breathtaking region that is sandwiched between downtown Durango and Purgatory Resort. Most people mountain bike around the Hermosa Creek area and the established trails at Purgatory Resort.

The Terrain

The trail system consists of rockier and more technical terrain which tends to include more hills and climbs. However, the hard work is worth it, because they lead to wildflower fields, babbling brooks, and panoramic views of the San Juan Mountains.

The Mid-Country trails (especially at Purgatory Resort) are very well maintained and will be mostly clear of fallen trees and roots. The rockier trails around the Hermosa Creek area and La Plata Canyon area can have larger rock obstacles compared to the In-Town trails.

Little More of a Commute

There's a little bit of a commute for these trails compared to the In-Town trail system. Expect to be driving at least 30 minutes to the trailhead from downtown Durango.

Quieter Compared to Other Trail Systems

Compared to the In-Town and High-Country trail system, you'll find fewer crowds at the Mid-Country trails. The lack of other riders gives these trails a sense of peace and true escapism.

Mountain Biking Areas and Trails to Explore

If you're ready to go riding, we recommend checking out these specific areas and trails as part of the Mid-Country mountain biking trail network:

Hermosa Creek

  • Hermosa Creek Trail
  • Jones Creek Trail

La Plata Canyon

  • Highway 124 (Gravel) to Kennebec Pass
  • The Colorado Trail from Kennebec Pass

Animas Valley

  • Haflin Creek Trail
  • Missionary Ridge Trail
  • Mitchell Lakes Trail
  • Castle Rock Peak

Purgatory Resort

  • Diggler Trail
  • 7th Heaven Trail
  • Shangri-La Trail