Sleigh Rides

Southwest Colorado is known for its mountains and all the opportunities they provide to visitors and locals in the summer, including hikes, climbs, off-roading, and more. In the winter, those same mountains can give just as much if not more, activities with all the snow surrounding them.

One of those activities is considered by many to be one of the most romantic and beautiful available. The strong powerful horses drag you through pristine snow that glistens in the light as they pull your sleigh along. The snow splits around you like a tide of pure white as you go for a sleigh ride around the outskirts of Durango.

With multiple outfitters available, tourists and locals can book sleigh rides in the nearby ranches and mountains, a perfect way to spend day or night. Whether you're a couple seeking a picturesque date or a family looking for a fun afternoon, sleigh rides could be what you're looking for.

With blankets and hot drinks, you can ride in style while staying warm and experiencing a form of travel that not many can.

Places to Go Sleigh Riding

Sleigh Riding at Bears Ranch During the Winter

Bears Ranch in the Animas Valley

Bears Ranch is located not far from the Hermosa Cliffs and Haviland Lake, just North of Durango. When enough snow has fallen every winter, Bears Ranch offers sleigh ride bookings to those who want to see a winter wonderland.

You are comfortably bundled up in blankets with a hot beverage to sip from as trained horses carry you across the snow. 

Bears Ranch also offers a VIP Tiki torch ride that lets riders view the sunset over the mountains before they are guided back through the darkness by the gentle glow of tiki torches and the careful gait of the horses.

Things to Know About Sleigh Riding in Durango

  • Sleigh riding is a winter activity, so be sure to dress up warm and cozy to keep yourself comfortable. Hats and gloves are recommended alongside your usual gear to protect your extremities.

  • Call in ahead or book an appointment online, especially if you have a larger party, to set up a time and ensure the outfitter is available.

  • Follow instructions from your guide/driver for your and everyone else's safety. They know how to handle the horses and the ride best for everyone involved.

  • Hydration is important, so be sure to bring some water and snacks for yourself if you need to.