Durango and the surrounding area are full of amazing things, both expected and unexpected, for people coming to visit or just wanting to do something around the home. If you wish to ride a train or ascend a frozen waterfall with nothing but some axes and hard work, there's a variety of options available. 

One of the unexpected hidden gems of the area is the number of high-quality zipline outfits hidden in the mountains and trees. If you just want a quick excursion you can head to the outskirts of town and glide from the towering pine tree to the second-floor patio of Durango Adventures. Or if you want a full-day experience, you can ride the train to the full-course zipline, meal included, of Soaring Treetop Adventures. Tico Time Resort features ziplines running across the Animas River and a waterpark for those looking to cool down before or after they zip around.

Each of these places is unique in its own way and has plenty to offer that other areas may not. One is considered the longest course in the US. Another is one of the few that offers night ziplining. So if you want to zipline, give the Durango area a shot.

Places to Go Ziplining

Durango Adventures and Zipline Tours


Situated just outside Durango, on the western outskirts of town, sits Durango Adventures, an unassuming treasure trove of adventure for those who seek it.

Using the naturally towering local ponderosa pines, Durango Adventures has built a 12-course journey through the air. With 12 long speedy zip lines stretching across the mountains and hills, you can feel like you're flying across the stunning landscape while dodging through trees and wildlife. Their trained guides will help lead you on a safe but exhilarating ride.

If ziplining isn't enough to catch your attention, Durango Adventures also offers laser tag, axe throwing, off-roading, mountain biking, rafting, and more

Soaring Tree Top Adventures

Ziplining at Soaring Tree Top in the Summer

If you're looking for the full VIP ziplining experience in the Durango area, look no further than Soaring Treetop Adventures. Starting with a ride on the historic Durango to Silverton railroad in a private first-class train car, guests ride out to the remote yet beautiful zipline course. 

From there, the specially trained staff will take you on a five-and-a-half-hour journey across the sky. The zipline course is considered to be the longest in the United States and gives you plenty of time to enjoy yourself.

The journey finishes with a four-course gourmet meal eaten on a suspended platform to bring your experience to a satisfying close.

Tico Time Adventure Tours and Zipline

Tico Time Adventure Tours and Zipline offers a different sort of zipline experience for those looking to try something new.

Naturally, they have some impressively long and exhilarating ziplines to speed across on your guided tour. But they also offer climbing walls, a 40-foot rope swing, and an adrenaline-inducing 60-foot drop. 

What makes the experience even more unique is that you can book nighttime tours with lit-up platforms to aim for and glowsticks to light up yourself and your fellow zippers.

After you finish your ziplining, you can then book some time at the Tico Time River resort to cool off and double up on the fun.

Things to Know About Ziplining in Durango

  • All the ziplining locations mentioned have specially trained staff; for your safety and theirs, please listen to any instructions and advice they offer.

  • You will be outdoors and exercising so wear the proper clothing for the experience, so tennis shoes, clothes you don't mind dirtying, etc.

  • Food is provided on several ziplining tours available, but it doesn't hurt to bring your water and snacks in case you feel a bit peckish

  • Arrive a little early to your appointment to get the necessary paperwork and safety lessons out of the way early so you can start your adventure on time.


Care for Durango

  • Use proper ziplining techniques, such as keeping your arms back and your feet slightly apart.

  • Make sure the equipment is in good condition and properly installed before you begin.

  • Wear a helmet, gloves, and other appropriate safety gear at all times.

  • Please pay attention to the instructions given by the zipline operators and follow their guidance.

  • Make sure that you are physically ready to participate in the activity, and listen to your body if you start to feel any pain or discomfort.

  • Pack it in, pack it out!

Pledge to Care for Durango