Historic Hot Springs Loop

At times there is nothing better than a hot bath as the near-boiling water relaxes muscles you didn't even know were sore and soothes even some emotional pains. In many ways, those seemingly mystical healing powers are only improved by moving your bath to the outdoor splendor that is a hot spring.

The steam from the naturally warmed mineral waters rises above you, gently brushing the rocky mountain faces that surround you in the Colorado air. The summer sun sets behind the peaks as you float with a drink. The snow falls only to melt in the warmth and evaporate again to join the surrounding clouds and mist. Any time of year, the hot springs are the perfect way to while away the day. 

If relaxation is what you seek, but you want a bit of adventure in the process, why not try the Historic Hos Springs Loop in Western Colorado? The loop offers the best of both worlds with plenty of relaxing misty water and a variety of traveling to each one. Ranging from Steamboat Springs all the way down to Durango before heading back up, there is plenty of ground to cover and sights to see. 

Where Is the Historic Hot Springs Loop?

The historic hot springs loop, as the name suggests, runs across much of the Western side of Colorado that heads down towards the Southern edge before curving right back up North. 

In the process taking travelers through multiple springs and locations that have been around for years, giving it the historic part of its title. The loop runs through towns like Durango and Ouray, both founded over 100 years ago as small mining towns that have since grown into excellent stops along the loop. If you want to explore Western Colorado, it is easy to go right with the historic hot spring loop.

How Long is the Historic Hot Springs Loop?

Stretching nearly 800 miles through Colorado, the historic hot springs loop is a long winding road leading to 23 unique hot springs. 

Stop at eight beautiful and picturesque destinations and pass through many more as you travel the long roads.

What Should I Expect to See?

Durango Hot Springs During the Fall

When you're on the loop, you can expect to see many unique and beautiful sights. Not only the hot springs, which are themselves a fantastic sight, but just the journey itself is pretty easy on the eyes. The roads go through narrow mountain passes with waterfalls and rocky cliff faces. 

Each town you pass has many sights you may not find anywhere else.

Each hot spring is more than just a pool of lukewarm water in the woods. They vary in aesthetic and design, but they can range from large shared pools of relaxation surrounded by mountains to individual ones for you and a select few covered by the shade of the nearby trees.

What is There to Do Along the Way?

Of course, the main point of the historic hot springs loop is the hot springs themselves, with at least 23 different spots to relax in the steaming mineral water of the rocky mountains. But that doesn't mean that's all there is to do on the loop; each town along the route is an opportunity to do more than just soak. 

If you're hungry after a day of driving or sitting in the springs, there are dozens of good places to eat. If you need some entertainment, there are plenty of options to be had along the loop between relaxing sessions in the steamy water.