Before your little one is due, come and enjoy some beautiful scenery and fresh air in Durango and the San Juan Mountains. Not only is this an excellent way to reconnect with your partner but you can both use this time to clear your mind and relax. 

Enjoy the next four relaxing days with your loved one before the joyous day. 

Here are some great suggestions for you and your loved on a four-day babymoon vacation in Durango, CO:

Day 1

The first day of your babymoon vacation in Durango is one of complete bliss and relaxation. It’s best to ease into a vacation then rush and try to do everything in Durango at the beginning of your visit.

Day 1 of your babymoon vacation includes:

  • Before your morning breakfast, enjoy a stroll on the river trail and then head to Raider Ridge Cafe for a healthy smoothie.

  • After breakfast head downtown to some of the toy stores including Twilight Toys and Maria’s Bookshop.

  • Have a good healthy lunch at Sage or The Living Tree.

  • After Lunch,  check out at yoga class at the Durango Rec Center

  • End the evening off with a romantic dinner for two at Seasons before your next day's adventure. 

Day 2

On your second day, now that you know your way around town, it’s time to explore the surrounding area and see some beautiful mountain views.

  • Before you head off, start your day off at Durango Bagel, there are many varieties from which to choose.

  • Drive about 8 miles north to Honeyville and check out the many locally made products from honey.

  • Stop at Hermosa Grill, sit in their outdoor patio where you can see the beautiful Hermosa Cliffs.  

  • Head to Silverton over Coal Bank and Molas Pass.  Stop at the overlooks and beautiful mountain views.  

  • Before heading back to your hotel, Zia Taqueria is a local favorite for Mexican food with a nice outdoor patio.

Day 3

After a day of exploring, on day 3, there’s nothing better than taking it easy and relaxing with your loved one.

  • Whether you're a morning bird or you prefer a later start in the day, the College Cafe is another local favorite for breakfast and lunch.

  • Head to Lake Nighthorse and rent a Kayak or Paddle Board for a relaxing morning.  

  • Kachina Kitchen is right on the way back into Durango and they have the best Navajo Tacos around.  

  • The Pleasant Journey Alpaca Ranch is a working ranch west of Durango.  Be sure to call first as you will need to set up a time and get directions.

  • Have a nice & easy massage and/or manicure/pedicure.

  • For a nice end to your day, make reservations at The Union House and sit in back at their outdoor patio.   

Day 4

Before you head back home, on your last day, take a step back and get to know the heritage of Southwest Colorado.

  • On your final day, head to Jean-Pierre bakery and enjoy a French-style pastry or breakfast.

  • Mesa Verde would be a wonderful culmination to your visit.  Drive the loops and check out the Cliff Dwellings and the History of the Ancestral Puebloans.  You can also eat at Spruce Tree Terrace.  

  • On your way back into town, stop for dinner at Kennebec Cafe and why not treat yourselves to some dessert!!  


Before your little one arrives, you can still explore and play in Durango, CO with a babymoon. 

Day 1, enjoy a day of relaxation and get to know the area. On day 2, enjoy beautiful mountain views just north of Durango. On day 3, it’s good to take some time for yourselves and enjoy each other's company. On your last day, make sure to learn more about the heritage of Southwest Colorado.

As you’re planning your upcoming babymoon vacation, consider our four-day itinerary to take the guesswork out of planning!