Durango Arts Week

Hosted in Durango, Colorado, and running from September 15-24, 2023, Durango Arts Week seeks to showcase the amazing artistic talent in Southwest Colorado and further develop a vibrant arts culture within Durango,

Durango Arts Week strives to provide an engaging and memorable experience for all participants by uniting the community through art and celebrating diversity and accessibility. We promote our mission throughout the community to experience art in Durango, foster relationships with artists, sponsors, and partner organizations, and create broad appeal for all ages and walks of life.

What is Durango Arts Week?

Durango Art Week offers a unique and engaging experience full of creativity, culture, and discovery. With an array of special events, art classes, showings, and gatherings there is something for everyone to explore.

When is Durango Arts Week?

This year's Durango Arts Week will occur from September 15-24, 2023.

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