Iron Horse History

Historical Overview

The Iron Horse Bicycle Classic was the brainchild of Tom Mayer and his older brother Jim. Jim was an engineer on the D & R G W railroad, which had run the steam, powered locomotive between Durango and Silverton since the 1880s. Tom was a young bicycle enthusiast who grew up alongside the railroad tracks to Silverton.  One day Tom challenged Jim and his train in a race to Silverton.  As the train came by the house, the steam whistle screamed and Tom climbed on his trusty old steel framed ten speed. While the train took the shorter, gentler route (with limited speed), Tom pedaled up over the rim of the old volcano and descended the mining town of Silverton. Tom was waiting at the station when the train arrived.

In 1972, a group of 36 riders decided to celebrate the first run of the train in the spring by accepting the challenge. It's been all uphill since then, with the Iron Horse become truly one of the classic bicycling events in the Western United States.

 Durango is centrally located between Denver, Albuquerque, Phoenix, and Salt Lake City. It is an ideal early summer meeting of the riders from each of these cycling centers, a chance to bring home the glory to their own communities. In recent years, participants have come from every state and several countries to ride the famed Iron Horse course. Each year hundreds of riders feel the thrill of descending into Silverton and looking to see if the train has arrived there before them. And familiar faces are always waiting since many people return year after year to the "best race we've found anywhere".

The Iron Horse has been a very strong developmental event for young riders and nearly every American to win an Olympic medal or to compete in the World Championships has raced in Durango. The course from Durango to Silverton never changes so races of the great 1970s can be compared with races of today. National Team coaches often use Iron Horse results to select the best racers in the country.

Over the years there have been several additional events added to the classic “train race” including criteriums, circuit races, road races, tours, and BMX races. For mountain bikes there have been cross country races, hill climbs, downhills, trials, trail rides, team races, and even a unique event called the Roostmaster. By 1990, the organizing committee of Durango bicycle enthusiasts hosted 1500 participants in seven bicycling events over the three-day event. This made the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic one of the ten largest races in the country and the $25,000 overall purse one of the largest of that year. Not bad for a remote town of only 15,000 people nestled in the mountains of southwest Colorado.

In addition to an outstanding 30-year history with the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, the volunteer steering committee has expanded their event offerings to other events. They brought the National Mountain Bike Championships to Durango in 1986, 1987, 1989, and 1992. They also hosted the Colorado State Off Road Championships 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1992, and 1993.

In 1994, Durango hosted the National Collegiate mountain bike championships and the National Collegiate road bike championships in 1997. On the international scene, Durango was home to the first internationally sanctioned UCI World Mountain Bike Championships in 1990 and World Cup races for both the cross country and the downhill in 2001.

This outstanding level of cycling competition in Durango has influenced dozens of the country’s top cyclists to live and train in the area. In the early 90’s the community boasted eight Mountain Bike World Champions, more than any other city in the world and more than most nations. Many still ride the local streets regularly and mentor the top-level riders of Fort Lewis College’s perennial National Championship contender cycling team.

Each year the organizing committee and hundreds of volunteers make Durango one of the finest cycling communities in the world. All are pleased and excited to carry on the tradition. Thanks for coming to our races.

See ya on a ride.

Ed Zink
Chairman of the Organizing committee 1971-2004


Road Race Details

47 miles from Durango to Silverton — from the Iron Horse Inn to the finish line in Silverton
Coal Bank Pass — 10,660' high
Molas Pass — 10,899' high
Men’s record time: Jonathan Vaughters, 1:58:27, 1996
Women’s record time: Lisa Brumbani, 2:23:54, 1989


The first event
36 riders
One race only from Durango to the summit of Coal Bank Pass
Racers rode with the train for six miles before getting the green flag
Iron Horse Road Race winner was Mike Elliott of Durango, a former Olympic cross-country racer for the USA, 1:37:00
All who reached Silverton by 2 PM were eligible for prizes
Prize: a smile and a belt buckle
Most of the racers continued to Silverton and did beat the train.


Let’s do it again
77 riders
Added a 30-mile road race to Vallecito Reservoir starting at the Branding Iron Restaurant with 45 riders
Iron Horse Road Race winner was John Timbers of Tucson, 2:10:36 (still just to Coal Bank Pass — even that is a 4,200' gain in altitude). Women raced to Shalona Curve — Mary Lee Atkins won, 52:01.

Prize list: more belt buckles and handshakes


It’s growing
Four events to make the Iron Horse Stage Race
Stage one: Animas Valley Time Trail, 11 miles
Stage two: Fort Lewis College Criterium, 25 miles for Sr. I & II
Stage three: Iron Horse Road Race (still Coal Bank Pass)
Stage four: Mining Country Road Race (to Navajo Dam in New Mexico)
Iron Horse Road Race winner: John Timbers of Tucson, 1:45:20
Linda Fildman won the women’s road race, won first two stages of the four-stage race.
Winner received a Navajo rug and a spot on the training squad for the 1976 Olympics


The sport takes notice, we go all the way to Silverton
165 riders
First designation as an Olympic development race
Three stages
Stage one: Trimble Springs Road Race, 65 miles (seven laps around the Animas Valley from Durango to the Trimble Bridge)
Stage two: Bakers Bridge Road Race, 77 miles (three laps around the Animas Valley from Durango to Bakers Bridge)
Stage three: Durango to Silverton (to Silverton for the Sr. I & II riders only; still Coal Bank for everyone else)
Iron Horse Road Race winner: George Mount 2:15:55.
"Smilin George" was the first top ten Olympic winner in bicycling for the USA in the 1976 Montreal Olympics.
Russell Guy and Barbara Clark were winners in the Trimble Springs race.
Prizes: More belt buckles, Navajo rugs, sleeping bags, Coleman coolers, etc.
"The Horse Blanket Race" was suggested for a new name.


It’s growing in credibility
145 racers in road race (124 racers and 21 citizens)
Two day stage race
Stage one: Durango-Silverton
Stage two: Bakers Bridge Road Race
Iron Horse Road Race winner: Jim Janelle, 2:20:52. Bob Cook led most of the way but lost out because of a flat three miles from Silverton
Women raced to Purgatory. Laura Backus won with 54:35.
Prizes: No money yet, but better merchandise prizes (fewer horse blankets)


Another good year
Two-day stage race
Stage one: Durango to Molas Pass (course shortened because of highway construction on descent)
Stage two: Bakers Bridge Road Race (three laps around the Animas Valley)
Iron Horse Road Race winner: Bob Cook, 2:03:21
Women raced to Purgatory. Barb Stevens won with 1:17:42.
Bakers Bridge:
Men: Bob Cook, 2:58:49
Women: Peggy Decker,1:16:28
This year the race qualified as one of 30 Junior Olympic development events West of the Mississippi.


It’s running like clockwork
150 riders
Three stages
Stage one: Durango-Silverton
Stage two: Fort Lewis College Criterium
Stage three: Tamarron Time Trial (10 miles)
Iron Horse Road Race winner: Tom Sain, 2:24:46 (to Silverton). He also won the overall championship after placing first in Tamarron Time Trial
Women raced to Purgatory. Margaret Nettles won with 1:28:30.
Martha Iverson was overall winner with the Crit. and Time Trial wins.
Strong head winds in the Animas Valley and light snow on both Coal Bank and Molas Pass.


Women all the way to Silverton
225 rides
Three stages
Stage one: Durango-Silverton
Stage two: Downtown Durango Criterium
Stage three: Fort Lewis College circuit race
Iron Horse Road Race winners:
Men: Alexi Grewal, 2:19:45
From Aspen, 18 years old and he won in the sprint by one bike length
 Women: Louella Holter, 2:48:52
First year women rode all the way to Silverton (15th overall)
Racers received international points for finishes since the race was designated as an International Development Race.


The record time keeps falling
212 riders
Durango Criterium is in its third year: 50 miles/90 laps; for the second year held downtown
Durango represented by Budget Rent-A-Car Team
Iron Horse Road Race winners:
Men: Leonard Zinn, age 21, of Los Alamos, N.M., 2:10:48
Leonard Zinn broke a 5-year record in a pack of nine other record breakers.
With a strong tailwind, Zinn battled with Tom Sain who came in second with a time of 2:10:57. Eight riders beat George Mounts' 1975 record of 2:15:55. Tom Nelson, Dave Paranka, Bryan Miller, Tony Comfort, Andy Albertshardt, and Rich Gangle.
Women: Margaret Nettles, 2:38:20

Tom Sain was the overall weekend winner with 2nd in Silverton race, 1st in Criterium, and 3rd in Road Race.
Zinn came in 2nd overall
Margaret Nettles won overall


10 years
est. 300 riders
Sain retired and didn’t’ race after the deaths of his teammates, Bob Cook and Andy Finch, so he did not return to the race.
Durango contingent Keith White has a broken leg and Forrest Yelverton is out with a slipped disc.
Iron Horse Resort participation — $5,000 purse (2nd largest purse in Colorado).
The name is changed from Iron Horse to Iron Horse Bicycle Classic in honor of its 10th year.
Iron Horse Road Race winners:
Men: Dave Paranka, age 21 won the Silverton as well as the Criterium. He places 14th in the Animas ValleyRoad Race to win overall and used a cycle computer, one of the first in Durango.
Women: Louella Holter won Silverton, the Criterium, and was the overall stage winner
James Barker, a Senior III rider, finished 3rd to Silverton
Mark Peterman was 4th in Criterium and 4th overall
It rained for the Criterium on Sunday, and a herd of cattle were on the Road Race course on Monday so those farm boys had an advantage and got through them faster than the city boys.


The year the big boys came
440 riders
Three stages
Citizens will ride only to Purgatory; $10,000 in prize money; top riders from U.S. Natl. Team and the 7-11 Schwinn team compete.
The race gains National Prestige designation.
Winner Durango-Silverton: Jacques Boyer, 2:06:19. After setting a new record, he rode his bike back to Durango to get in a few more good training miles. Just back from Europe, he beat the old mark of 2:10.
2nd was Matthew Hecht; 3rd was Andy Hampten; Alexi Grewal was actually 2nd but 50 sec. worth of penalties put him in 6th
Overall stage winner: Boyer, 5:16:03
Boyer was the first American to race in the Tour de France; he won Coors International Bike Classic 1980 and came in 2nd in 1979 in the Coors
Rookie racer Ned Overend won as a Senior IV rider with overall stage time of 3:44:57, edging Todd Gogulski by 3 seconds
Women’s Winner: Deborah Shumway of Salt Lake City, 2:33:21; also overall winner, 4:20:21


Ned’s first win to Silverton
450 riders
Boyer is in Europe so not racing this year, but George Mount, Matthew Hecht, former Olympian  Mark Southard, Mike Devecka, Dale Stetina, Don Spence, Dave Paranka, and Ron Kiefel compete.
This year will carry National Prestige designation for the Senior I & II.
Different criterium course that is a bit longer, beginning and ending at the corner of Eighth and Main; stage three will begin and end at the truck plaza on the old highway south of town.
Iron Horse Road Race winners:
 Men: Ned Overend, 2:10:40   Ron Keifel was 2nd
Women: Cindy Klinker, 2:36:50
Overall stage winner: Jeff Pierce with a win in the criterium and finishing in the 1st pack on Monday, 3rd to Silverton. Ned Overend fell in the rain during the criterium.
Overall Winner - Women: Kelly Kitteredge
In the middle of the criterium, a truck made a U-turn in the middle of the course, oblivious to the roadblocks. Bruce Hodgkins had to lay his 10-speed on the ground and slide under the truck to miss it. After narrowly escaping injury, he borrowed another bike and finished 10th.


Here comes mountain biking
450 riders
Started Mountain Bike Races
Two Stages
Stage one: Durango to Silverton
Stage two: Iron Horse Classic Mountain Bike Race  — 24-mile race out Junction Creek Road
Iron Horse Road Race winner:
Stage One Winners: Alexi Grewal, 2:10:34 (Olympic Gold Medallist) and Denise Yamagishi of Denver, 2:42:12
Mountain Bike Winners: Steve Cook and Carol Bauer, both  of Crested Butte
Also a special event — a biathlon involving a running race and the mountain bike race. Husband and wife Brent and Lynn Brown of Durango each won their class.


Citizens ride all the way to Silverton
450 riders
Added BMX Race and ½ Century Tour to Silverton
Two members from the Irish Olympic Team raced.
Stage one: Durango to Silverton
Men Winner: Glen Sanders, 2:06:45.  Ned Overend came in 2nd.
Women Winner: Jane Marshall, 2:39:20
Stage two: Mountain Bike Race.
Winner: Ned Overend (Joe Murray was second). Gave Ned the overall win for King of The Mountain Competition, a new event classification combining a Road Race with a mountain bike race for a stage win.


Ned’s second win,
Schwinn contributed $5,000 in prizes putting the overall purse at $18,000. 
800 participants overall
Four Main Race Categories: Durango-Silverton Race, Edgemont Ranch Circuit Race (returns after 2-year history), NORBA Mountain Bike Race, and the King of the Mountain Competition.
In addition to these, there were two citizens' tours, the Purgatory/Silverton Challenge, and the Coca-Cola/McDonalds Century Ride, plus BMX Races
One of the toughest fields was in the Mountain Bike Race — four of the top five finishers in the 1985 NORBA National Championships were on hand.
Iron Horse Road Race winners:
To Silverton:
Men: Ned Overend, 2:07:21 — his second Durango to Silverton win. Ned also won the Mountain Bike Race
Women: Jane Marshall of Albuquerque, 2:33:02
First serious injury (in 15 years) : Julie Haskell (6 broken ribs and a punctured lung after a crash) - recovered.


Prize list tops $20,000, Ned gets # 3
1650+ riders
1000-1500 volunteer hours
Brief snowstorm at Molas Pass.
Six separate events: The Durango to Silverton Road Race, Schwinn Half Century Tour, Edgemont Circuit Race, NORBA Observed Trials, Schwinn Mountain Bike Race, Coca-Cola/McDonalds Century Ride. Riders still compete for the King/Queen of the Mountain Award with combined times for the Durango-Silverton Road Race and the Mountain Bike Race Sectional Prestige Classic. Also a qualifier for Jr. World Trials.
Durango-Silverton Race-Men: Ned Overend, 2:07:21
Durango-Silverton Race-Women: Darien Raistrick, 2:38:04
Mountain Bike Race: John Tomac, 1:34:57
King of the Mountain Winner: John Tomac, with Ned Overend a close second
Queen of the Mountain Winner: Lisa Mulich


Future Durango World Champions start appearing
Prize list tops $20,000
Six separate events: Durango to Silverton Road Race, Half Century Tour, Edgemont Circuit Race, NORBA Observed Trials, Schwinn Mountain Bike Race, and the Coca-Cola/McDonalds Century Ride. Riders still compete for the King/Queen of the Mountain Award with combined times for the Durango-Silverton Road Race and the Mountain Bike Race Sectional Prestige Classic. Also a qualifier for Jr. World Trials.
Durango-Silverton Race Men: Mike Carter, 2:06:36
Durango-Silverton Race Women: Darien Raistrick, 2:34:02
Mountain Bike Race: John Tomac, 2:38:22
King of the Mountain: John Tomac with Ned Overend a close second
Queen of the Mountain: Ruthie Matthes
Old Man of the Mountain: Jim Marlow
The criterium had a new course this year — the course went on Main Avenue, east on 12th, north on 3rd, and west on 14th. The riders liked this course. Mike Carter won the crit. with 1:38:15:2.
Following glorious sunny weather on Saturday and Sunday, on Monday, the day of the mountain bike portion of the event, snowed at the Edgemont Ranch race site.


New record to Silverton: 2:03:31, prize list tops $25,000
Number of riders:1345
Six separate events: The Durango to Silverton Road Race, Half Century Tour, Edgemont Circuit Race, NORBA Observed Trials, Criterium, McCoke Century Ride. Riders still compete for the King/Queen of the Mountain Award with combined times for the Durango-Silverton Road Race and the Mountain Bike Race Sectional.
IHBC designated as one of six National Off-Road Bicycle Association Point Series races.
Durango-Silverton Race Men: Bryan Miller of Telluride, 2:03:31 (new record)
Durango-Silverton Race Women: Lisa Brambini from England, 2:23:54 (new women’s record)
Mountain Bike Race: Tinker Juarez and Sara Ballentyne
King of the Mountain: Don Myrah
Queen of the Mountain: Sara Ballentyne (Susan De-Mattei placed 2nd)
In The Durango to Silverton Road Race, some of the racers started at different times to reduce traffic problems but it was still difficult. The winner of the Senior Men III was disqualified for double yellow lines violations.
The mountain bike event was held at Edgemont Ranch, this year it was warm, dry, and dusty.


Practice event for the World Championships
Prize list tops $25,000
Number of riders:1485
Six separate events: The Durango to Silverton Road Race, Half Century Tour, Purgatory Mountain Bike Race, Dual Downhill Slalom, Criterium, McCoke Century Ride. Riders still compete for the King/Queen of the Mountain Award with combined times for the Durango-Silverton Road Race and the Mountain Bike Race.
Durango-Silverton Race Men: Nathan Scheafor, 2:02:19 (new record)
Durango-Silverton Race Women: Ruthie Matthes 2:27:12 , Juli Furtado placed 2nd
Mountain Bike Race: Don Myrah, 1:44:38
King of the Mountain: Ned Overend
Queen of the Mountain: Ruthie Matthes
Old Man of the Mountain: Tom Noaker
The first and third racers who crossed the finish line were disqualified for crossing the double yellow line on the highway. This began discussions about closing the highway for a period of time during the race.
The Mountain Bike Race was held at Purgatory on part of the course used for the first-sanctioned World Mountain Bike Championships held September 11-16 in Durango. The Purgatory Cup, sponsored in part by the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, was held August 4-5 and used the same course as the World Championships.
The Dual Downhill Slalom was added to the IHBC this year. It was held at Chapman Hill, attended by 1000-1500 spectators, and was a great success.

Great officiating crew:
Dean Crandall
Yvonne Van
Marian Roper
Sherri Barr
Rich Reyer
We also had a visit from World's officials to certify the course.

National champions that participated:
Ned Overend
Don Myrah
Lisa Mulich
Nathan Scheafor


IHBC’s 20th year running
1500 riders

Durango-Silverton Road Race:
Men: Rishi Grewal, 2:12:58 (Ned placed 2nd with 2:12:59)
Women: Maureen Mainley, 2:36:22

Mountain Bike Cross Country Race:
Men: John Tomac
Women: Juli Furtado

Mountain Bike Downhill Race : 
Men: Tom Rogers
Women: Cindy Devine

Dual Slalom:
Men: Greg Herbold
Women: Penny Davidson

King of the Mountain: Rishi Grewal
Queen of the Mountain: Juli Furtado


Ned wins 4th

Road Race:
Men: Ned Overend, 2:10:50 (Daryl Price 2nd, John Tomac 3rd  )
   Travis Brown wins Cat III division
Women: Lisa Goldsmith, 2:36:13

Mountain Bike Cross Country:
Men: Daryl Price
Women: Juli Furtado

Mountain Bike Downhill  
Men: John Tomac
Women: Kim Sonier (Missy Giove 2nd)

Dual Slalom:   
Dave Cullinan (Greg Herbold 2nd)


Big time TV- Prime Sports covers the Roostmaster
1727 riders
Prize list $40,000
Road Race, Citizens Tour, regional trail meeting, swim, run, kids games, downhill, law enforcement, Bud Dry Roost Master Shootout, dual slalom, cross country race

Cross country:
Men: Ned Overend, 2:14:46:20
Women: Juli Furtado 1:38:57

Men: Myles Rockwell
The event was held on a neglected mine road descending along a ridge scattered with jagged shards of limestone and water bars.
Women: Kim Sonier

Roost Master: Tinker Juarez

Dave Cullinan
Kat Fitzsimmons

King of the Mountain:
Queen of the Mountain: Juli Furtado

Roostmaster was filmed for television by Prime Sports Network. The unique format pits 29 United States racers, including women, from three different disciplines of mountain biking: cross country, dual slalom, and downhill all together on a single multi-discipline course. The prize money was $5000.
First year of the Mountain Bike Specialists’ Kids Race


First year to close the highway for the Road Race
2750 riders
Prize list: $40,000
Road Race, Citizens Tour, Collegiate Road Race, swim, run, kids games, downhill, law enforcement, Bud Dry Roostmaster Shootout, dual slalom, cross country race, collegiate downhill, collegiate cross country, observed trials.
Roostmaster: 15 riders race dual laps around one-mile course which featured jump, slalom, hill, and a technical course. Filmed by ESPN and ESPN2.

The event was held under sunny skies in 90 degree heat. Second year for the kids mountain bike event

Durango-Silverton Road Race:
Men: Gary Mulder, 2:10:20
Women: Juli Furtado, 2:33:07

Tinker Juarez
Ruthie Matthes

Cross country race:
Men: Rishi Grewal, 2:12:16 
Women: Juli Furtado, 1:42:22


Durango Wheel Club is 100 years old
2387 riders
Road Race, citizens tour, swim, run, kids games, law enforcement, Bud Dry Roostmaster Shootout.
Durango Wheel Club celebrated the 100 year anniversary. There was a photo reenactment of the Baker’s Bridge Photo at Chapman Hill. It was a rainy afternoon and there was a small crowd.

There was only one downhill in Colorado in 1995 and it was held in Crested Butte

The professional Road Race competitors left the Iron Horse Inn at 7:00 a.m. and arrived to Silverton in the rain. This was the year the sky fell in on the Iron Horse. As racers came around the corner at Coal Bank pass, there was a blizzard. A few riders were treated for hypothermia, many were very cold.

Iron Horse Road Race:
Men: Burke Swindelhurst, 2:17:12
Women: Juli Furtado, 2:37:38

Men: John Tomac
Women: Juli Furtado

Cross Country:
Men: Rishi Grewal, 1:54:02
Women: Ruthie Matthes, 1:31:39 (She was covered with mud from head to toe)

Dual Downhill:
Men: Eric Carter
Women: Jennifer Burke

King of the Mountain: Rishi Grewal
Queen of the Mountain: Ruthie Matthes


Two hour barrier broken,  25th year for IHBC
2658 racers registered
All riders in the road race departed from McDonald’s with the train to commemorate the 25th IHBC.
In spite of inclement weather, Jonathan Vaughters set a new record under two hours at 1:58:27. Women’s winner was Ruthie Matthes at 2:29:56.

Although the leaders arrived in Silverton in a light snowstorm, the weather only worsened for the lower categories. Finally, the race had to be halted and emergency vehicles followed a snowplow to rescue stranded riders on Molas Pass. Several hundred riders had to be evacuated and were treated for hypothermia.

Started the Wrench Rally, a mechanics race of wheel building and other mechanical prowess skills, this year.

Cross Country winners:
Men: Rishi Grewal
Women: Ruthie Matthes

Roostmaster winners:
Men: John Tomac
Women: Juli Furtado


Collegiate National Road Championships,  snowstorm cancels Road Race
1952 competitors
This year the Collegiate National Road Championship was added to the IHBC race schedule.
Road Race was cancelled. Due to extreme snow, the race was called off as the lead riders reached Purgatory ski area. Everyone who experienced the past two years’ snowstorms was relieved, but the college kids were pretty upset to have their race cancelled.

Mountain Bike Cross Country:
Men: Daryl Price
Women: Ruthie Matthes
Mechanics race was won by Scott Daubert, the 1996 Olympic team mechanic (from Durango)

Mountain Cross:
Men: Rishi Grewal
Women: Ann Trombley

Criterium: Greg Randolph

The shortened version of the Collegiate National Road Championships was won by Stanford based on the team time trial and the criterium.


Return of perfect weather, Train offers free ride back for racers

Iron Horse Road Race winners:

Men: Burke Swindlehurst, 2:10:28
 Women: Tammy Jacques, 2:35:46

Cross Country race winners: 
Men: Travis Brown
Women: Ruthie Matthes

Mountain Cross:
Men: Travis Brown
Women: Deborah Kidd


Benefit for American Heart Association
1487 riders
In a continuing effort to insure that the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic is a benefit to the community as a whole and not just the cyclists, the event made contributions to community activities. In the past, there has been support given to Trails 2000 and the Fort Lewis Cycling Team. Beginning in 1999 there was significant support given to the local chapter of the American Heart Association. It resulted in the best fund raiser the Heart Association had ever experienced in Durango.

The Team Trails event was also added to the schedule for Monday to benefit Durango’s Trails 2000. Twenty-five teams of three to eight riders competed. Each team consisted of at least three members and the object was to have the fastest team time (time was recorded when the last member crossed the finish) and to have fun. Trails 2000 received about $1000.

Iron Horse Road Race Winners:
Men: Scott Price, 2:10:43
Women: Carmen Richardson, 2:37:11

Cross Country winners:
Men: Marc Gullickson
Women: Alison Dunlap


Zink finally rides, and under sunny skies
The Dual returned to the IHBC after a five-year hiatus. This was not the Dual Slalom of the past, though. The Dual starts two racers out on parallel courses that merge into a single course about a third of the way down. The race was held at Chapman Hill.
A first for the IHBC was the finish of the men’s Road Race. Scott Price, the 1999 winner, and Team Landis teammate Drew Miller descended Molas Pass together and embraced hands just prior to crossing the finish line. The two shared a time of 2:10:50. Both were from Tuscon, Ariz.
Mary Grigson of Australia took the women’s race with 2:43:21, winning by only half a wheel length in front of Albuquerque’s Carolyn Donnelly.

And for the first time in the race’s 29 years, Ed Zink, IHBC Director, was one of the 425 riders in the Citizen’s Tour to Silverton. He made it to Silverton although he did not beat the train. Ed plans on beating the train in 2001!
American Heart Association received the proceeds from the race.


Price makes it three in a row

519 road racers, 440 tour riders

Scott Price makes it three wins in a row with a  2:14:06 win  Ned Overend, once again was right there at the finish, and got 3rd  in the sprint to the finish.

Carolyn Donnelly of Albuquerque finally won (after having several good rides), with a time of 2:40:43

The weather was beautiful, with a fairly stiff head wind early in the race.
Ed Zink, owner of Mountain Bike Specialists prevailed over Tommie Peterson of Hassle Free Sports in the shop owner challenge

 The cross country was based from Fort Lewis College.  In a trial run for the Durango World Cup in July, Olympian Travis Brown won the Cross Country race, Olympian Mary Grigson of Australia bested Olympian and hometown course designer Ruthie Matthes in the women’s field

There were 702 in the cross country , 94 in the dual, and about 100 in the kids races.  9% of the riders did both road and mountain bike.  17.5% of the competitors were women, and about 17% of the money went to women.

Competitors came from: CO 1095 - 68%, NM 245 - 15%, AZ 91 - 6%,  UT 39 - 2.4%, TX 23 -1.4%, CA 17 -1.1%  (not counting the kids who were mostly local)

American Heart Association received the proceeds from the race.


1,219 racers and tour riders---592 racers and 627 in the tour

Henry Raabe, 19 of Costa Rica won the men’s road race in 2:13:13 with Tom Danielson just behind in a sprint finish. Tom is a 23 year old, Fort Lewis College student and pro cyclist.

Race pace was slow in the Animas Valley, Kenneth Zimmerman of Albuquerque lead out first and established a 5:45 lead on the main pack just before Shalona Hill.

Ned Overend finished 14th

Karen Bockel of Fort Collins won the women’s event with a time of 2:34:40. This was her first Iron Horse Bicycle Classic.  Elizabeth Matlock was second with a time of 2:36:05.

It was beautiful weather.

Olympian Travis Brown won the cross country event.  Shonny Vanlandingham won the pro women’s events. The course was dry and dusty.

Myles Rockwell won both the dual slalom and the mountain cross.


Tom Danielson won the road race with an official time of 2:08:15 with the new start at the Durango Recreation Center. Tom timed himself from the Iron Horse Inn, the old start and finished the race in a breaking time of 1:58:27.

Danielson received a $2000 bonus for finishing the race in less than 2 hours, in an effort to repay the community and the college who has assisted him with his career he started the Fort Lewis College, Tom Danielson Scholarship Fund with the $2000.

Karen Bockel won the women’s event for the second year in a row with a time of 2:45:26. Kristin Johnson was second 2:46:46, Kristin has been training with her boyfriend Tom Danielson.

Chris Van Dan won the mountain cross, Chris Del Bosco came in second and local Chad Cheeney who spend many hours volunteering on the course placed 5th.

The Four Corners Endo downhill returned using Log Chutes.

The criterium returned to downtown Durango.  Chris Wherry took first with a time of 1:47:50, Phil Zajicek was second, Alex Robles was third and Tom Danielson finished 4th.

Christy Ruiter took first in the pro women’s category, Nina Baum was second and Kristin Johnson was third.

Local mountain bike race and poster guy for Pearlizumi got married on Memorial Day to Tiffany Ryan.

The Observed Trails were a success in the parking lot at Steamworks Brewing Company.


Men's Road Race Results

2003  Tom Danielson  2:08:15 new start
      1:58:27 Iron Horse Inn start
2002  Henry Raabe  2:13:13
2001  Scott Price   2:14:06
2000 Scott Price/Drew Miller  2:10:50(tie) 
1999 Scott Price  2:10:43
1998 Burke Swindlehurst  2:10:28
1996 Jonathan Vaughters  1:58:27 record
1995 Burke Swindlehurst  2:11:12
1994 Gary Mulder  2:10:20
1993 John Tomac   
1992 Ned Overend  2:10: 50     
1991 Rishi Grewal  2:12:58
1990 Nathan Scheafor   2:02:19  
1989  Bryan Miller  2:03:31  
1988  Mike Carter  2:06:36    
1987 Ned Overend   2:07:21
1986 Ned Overend   2:07:21
1985  Glen Sanders   2:06:45
1984  Alexi Grewal   2:10:34
1983 Ned Overend   2:10:40
1982  Jonathan Boyer   2:06:19
1981 Dave Paranka   2:16:09
1980  Leonard Zinn   2:10:48
1979 Alexi Grewal  2:19:14
1978 Tom Sain  2:24:46
1977 Bob Cook  
1976 Jim Janelle
1975 George Mount  2:15:55
1974 John Timbers
1973 John Timbers
1972 Mike Elliott  1:37:00

Women's Road Race Results

2003  Karen Bockel  2:45:26
2002  Karen Bockel  2:34:40
2001  Carolyn Donnelly   2:40:43
2000  Mary Grigson 2:43:21
1999  Carmen Richardson 2:37:11
1998  Tammy Jacques 2:35:46
1997   CANCELLED  
1996  Ruthie Matthes 2:29:56
1995  Juli Furtado 2:37:38
1994  Juli Furtado 2:33:07
1993  Juli Furtado
1992   Lisa Goldsmith  2:36:13 
1991  Maureen Mainley  2:36:22
1990   Ruthie Matthes  2:27:12:1 
1989  Lisa Brumbani  2:23:54 record
1988   Darien Raistrick  2:34:02
1987   Darien Raistrick   2:38:04
1986   Jane Marshall   2:33:03
1985  Jane Marshall   2:39:20
1984   Denise Yamagishi   2:42:12
1983   Kelly Kittredge   2:36:50
1982   Deborah Shumway  2:33:21 (tie)  Beth Wise-Steffan   
1981   Louella Holter   2:51:19
1980   Margaret Nettles   2:38:20
1979  Louella Holter  2:48:52
1978  Margaret Nettles 
1977  Barb Stevens
1976  Laura Backus
1974  Mary Lee Atkins
1973  Mary Lee Atkins

Ned Overend’s Road Race History

1982  Won Senior IV, 3:44:57
1983  Placed First, 2:10:40
1984  Placed Fourth
1985 Placed Second
1986  Placed First, 2:07:21
1987  Placed First, 2:07:21
1988  Placed Third
1989  Did not finish (due to illness week prior to race, although Ned would not blame that as the reason)
1990  Placed Second
1991  Placed Second
1992  Placed First, 2:10:50
1993  Did not race in road race
1994  Placed Fifth
1995  Placed Sixth
1996  Placed Second
1998  Placed Fourth
1999  Placed Second
2000 Placed Fifth
2001 Placed Third
2002 Finished 14th

In addition to the Iron Horse Bicycle Classic, Durango is the home of several other significant bicycling events.

1990 World Mountain Bike Championships (the first ever)
UCI World Cup, triple event - 2001
NORBA National Championships 1986 (one day), 1987(one day), 1989, 1992(finals), 2002
Collegiate National Championship Mountain Bike Race - 1995
Collegiate National Championship Road Races – 1997
Fort Lewis College- Collegiate National Mountain Bike Champions–1995, 1996, 1997, 2001
Start of the Tour of the Rockies, sponsored by the Denver Post; 2000 riders in 1987 & 1992;
On the route – 1991, 1996 ?, 1999?, and 2002
Tour of the San Juans (mountains) 1987, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992
Durango Century Classic, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992
Trails 2000, an award winning trails advocacy group, Started in 1988