Mountain Biking in Durango

And Southwest Colorado

Durango has some of the best mountain biking around southwest Colorado! With nearly 300 miles of trails- including the start of the famous Colorado Trail, you're in for incredible turns and views!

Durango's mountain biking terrain can range from high-desert rides with rock and silt to scree fields and pedaling above tree-line. Durango mountain biking trails range in difficulty from beginner to advanced/expert level, so no matter what your skill is, you'll find it here!

Biking trails can be accessed from all corners of Durango and the surrounding area. In general, mountain biking in Durango is separated into four areas: In-Town, Mid-Country, High-Country, and the Surrounding Area.

If you'd like to hire a guide to explore these areas, consider Durango Biking Adventures!


Mountain Biking Partners and Shops

Care for Durango

  • Always check to see if cycling is allowed in the area you plan to ride in. 

  • Know when to yield to other cyclists and trail visitors. 

  • Do not ride in muddy conditions.

  • Check out all trail information well in advance of your trip. 

  • Purchase cyclist liability coverage through a reputable insurance provider.

Pledge to Care for Durango